Shamans/Healers/Medicine People

Often considered intermediaries between the human and spirit worlds, these individuals are believed to possess the ability to heal the sick, communicate with the spiritual realm, and guide rituals and ceremonies.

Zeus (Jupiter in Roman)

The king of the gods, ruling over the sky and thunder, known for his many affairs with goddesses and mortals.

Ra (Re)

The sun god, one of the most important in ancient Egyptian mythology. Ra was believed to travel through the sky during the day and through the underworld at night. He is often depicted with a falcon head crowned with a sun disk.


The All father, god of war, wisdom, poetry, and death. Odin is the chief of the Aesir and resides in Valhalla, where he gathers the souls of warriors who die in battle.

The Occult

Lucifer is often depicted as a fallen angel who was cast out of heaven for his pride and rebellion against God.