Often the primary source of spiritual advice, halachic (Jewish law) rulings, and community leadership. Rabbis undergo extensive study in Jewish law and tradition and are ordained to answer religious questions and provide guidance on living a life according to Jewish law.

Posek (Halachic Decisor)

A rabbi or a scholarly person with expertise in halacha who provides rulings in matters of Jewish law. People may turn to a posek for complex questions regarding Jewish law that affect their personal lives, business matters, or community issues.


The wife of a rabbi, known as a Rebbetzin, often plays a significant role in the community, offering support and counsel to congregants, especially women and families. Their involvement can include teaching, hosting community events, and providing personal guidance.

Educators and Yeshiva Deans

Teachers and administrators within Hasidic educational institutions often serve as advisors to their students, providing both spiritual and general life guidance.


Central prophet in Judaism, traditionally credited with leading the Israelites out of Egypt and receiving the Torah from God.