Spread the gospel in a Divinity VR church

By leveraging divinityAGI and the Divinity meta-verse religious institutions can continue traditions in innovative ways while also developing new funding channels and engagement opportunities.

Service your congregation in the VR metaverse

Transport your members to a new reality of prayer

Users can gather within a virtual space in a surreal environment of your own making in the Divinity meta-verse. Create a virtual world around your sermons and discover new ways to bring the word of god to a new level of reality.  

VR church groups have access to sacred texts in the Divinity Archive and the ability to bring any story to life in a virtual environment.

VR Church Option 2 – Custom Model

  • Custom branded virtual environment superior visual immersion compared to livestream.

  • Has the capacity for thousands of members to attend a live virtual church services and special events.

  • A first of its kind Innovative model for tech-savvy generations with multi-user capabilities for compelling group experiences and a focus on building social connections.

  • Includes direct access to the Divinity VR Archive.

  • Includes VR hardware bundles and 24/7 support for members.

  • Will include emerging features like haptics integration.

  • Connected to a NeoBanking system with a suite of tools for managing Thithe and church finances.

  • Hybrid model available.

VR Church Option 1 – Lease Model

  • Digital footprint in a Divinity Verse VR environment, within a predefined area.

  • Prepare and schedule live sermons Has the capacity for members to attend a live virtual services and events.

  • Includes direct access to Divinity Blockchain Archive.

  • NeoBanking system with a suite of tools for managing Tithe and other church finances.

A precise 3D model of your facility can be mapped and used in a virtual environment where others can gather in the meta-verse.

Members are assigned virtual reality equipment that transform your environment in an immersive experience and can facilitate transactions across mixed realities. 

Inclusive to everyone from anywhere with VR metaverse

Comes complete with cutting-edge VR hardware and unwavering 24/7 support for all registered members.